Farm Frenzy

You might have noticed a decrease in the frequency of my blogging.  I am still super-busy with my 4 kids, but now that the horrible months-long-lasting illness has run its course through our house, I have more energy and time than I’ve had in a long time…  so why am I posting less?  Because I’ve gone and gotten myself addicted to a video game, of all things!

It’s called Farm Frenzy Pizza Party, and it’s addicting to play!  Basically, you get this little plot of land where you choose what animals to buy and manage.  Each different kind of animal drops a type of product, and you can either use these products to make other products, or you can sell them.  You can upgrade your warehouse to make it store more products, you can upgrade your factories to produce products more quickly, and you can upgrade your vehicles to make them faster.  The game is surprisingly complicated, yet easy to learn.  Ultimately, the more difficult levels consist of making pizzas, and each pizza is made up of five types of product.  Complicating the game player’s goals is the fact that some of the pizza components are made up of two different products themselves, so you have to choose which animals and factories to buy and it what order to make the products with the funds you have.  There are also bears that drop down from the sky that eat your animals and even trample your factories!  It’s really fast-paced (you get rewarded for completing the levels in a timely fashion also), and like I said, it’s very addicting.

I was looking for a hobby, but this is ridiculous.  I could have chosen something a little more productive than sitting on my butt and playing a video game.  But this is  fun.  And I haven’t let myself indulge in a hobby that’s non-productive in a long time…  Usually in my spare time I organize our family photos or work on our kids’ school memory books or things like that…  What’s that you ask?  What about my blogging?  Well, ok, I see your point.  So I have a few hobbies now; they’ll have to compete for my time.  And right now, Farm Frenzy is winning!  Here is a screen shot:


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6 Responses to “Farm Frenzy”

  1. justj Says:

    I know how addictive some video games can be. I’ve known people addicted to cards on the computer, now that is a simple game.

  2. jamiahsh Says:

    Cards on the computer never appealed to me. I’m trying to think of any game that got to that point.

  3. Phyllis Beyer Says:

    It is good for your health (mental and physical) to have a “fun” hobby. You don’t always have to be doing something productive. Life is too short. Enjoy!

  4. derek Says:

    I just bought Hamsterball when I saw it for $9.99 at Target. It’s a Marble Madness clone I have been wanting to get for awhile. Now I just need a trackball to properly play it…

  5. derek Says:

    So, you’re not going to approve (from moderation) my last comment then? 😉

  6. taylhis Says:

    oops… didn’t see it in there, sorry about that! Glad you reminded me!

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