I Will Survive

Here’s a cute video that was a popular email forward in the infancy age of email forwards.  I saw this one years ago, and it popped into my head today for some reason, so here you go…  oh yeah, make sure you watch the whole thing!

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5 Responses to “I Will Survive”

  1. jamiahsh Says:

    Disco is dead. Mirror ball killed it. Funny.

  2. jamiahsh Says:

    OOPS… Sorry 🙁

  3. justj Says:

    I always heard that song driving from a third shift job, back to college for my 8:00am class. I didn’t remember anything from that song other than the “I will survive”. Kind of felt like that disco ball hit me after a few weeks.

  4. jamiahsh Says:

    I remember very little from the disco era (it was during my time, but barely)… blessedly, it did not last long.

  5. derek Says:

    I remember this one. I think it was an email forward from you! 😀

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