A Future In The Superbowl?

Here is a commercial I had not seen until a friend sent it to me in an email forward.  As I was sitting here chuckling over it, my two oldest daughters became curious and came over for a look.  They loved what they saw, and I had to play it 3 more times!  I don’t think it’s in regular circulation yet, but if it is, I haven’t seen it.  Of course, I never watch tv anymore!  Perhaps it’s waiting to be unveiled until the next round of infamous Superbowl commercials?  Enjoy!

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5 Responses to “A Future In The Superbowl?”

  1. justj Says:

    All I can say is: Where were the knee pads and helmets on those kids? 😉


  2. derek Says:

    The CGI says modern commercial, yet the cassette boombox and roller skates scream otherwise. Hmm…

    But yes, cute.

  3. Phyllis Beyer Says:

    How cute! How on earth do they film something like that?

  4. taylhis Says:

    I agree with Derek – they animate it with computers. But they did a nice job; the animation is really smooth! Though something tells me that we’ll be laughing about these effects in 10 years!

  5. jamiahsh Says:

    Probably laughing about the effects in less than 10 years. But cute! I see an E*Trade baby/Avian troupe battle February 7, 2010. Isn’t that a bit late?!

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