Well, we found a church home in March, and it’s been going very well; we love it there.  The month of August is filled with church opportunities for us – a few classes we’re taking, a carnival for the kids, I’m volunteering in the Welcome Center, and we just went to a retreat at a beautiful Christian campground in Michigan yesterday.  But this post is not about THAT type of faith – it’s about a dog named Faith who was born with only a stub instead of front legs.  They had to remove his stub, and his mommy and first owner rejected him.  His new owner named him Faith and taught him to walk and get along without his front legs just fine.  How cute is this?

delete faith2delete faith

delete faith1

Thanks to Elizabeth for sending this to me!

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6 Responses to “Faith”

  1. Phyllis Beyer Says:

    How sweet. I love this story.

  2. Megan Says:

    I heard about this on t.v. It is soo amazing how well Faith gets cute…

  3. jamiahsh Says:

    Amazing story. Is it often that a dog rejects her pups even if they are different in some way? Curious, but at least he was given a god home. Great name, too.

  4. Chris Says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is… I walk around on two legs all the time…

    J/K What a great story to share! 🙂 I love this blogger! 😉

  5. mary911 Says:

    Ok, who let him get on the computer???? 😉

  6. derek Says:

    I remember reading about this some months ago- very interesting story, thanks for the reminder!

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