I Can’t Get Enough Of The Cute Animals

I received a few more of the email forwards with  pictures of cute animals, so I thought I’d combine them into one post.  So here are some cute animals – enough said.


That little parakeet is preening his smiling kitten buddy – something birds only do to the ones they love!  And these pandas were displaced when an earthquake shook their forest home, but they’re getting good care now.  What I wouldn’t give to sit right in the middle of that pen!


And, for the finale, check out this cat who loves boxing!

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2 Responses to “I Can’t Get Enough Of The Cute Animals”

  1. derek Says:

    That video was hilarious! As for the pandas, I think I would take a pass on sitting in the pen, at least if mama was around- they may be pandas, but they’re still bears!

  2. jamiahsh Says:

    aww… i would take the chance anyway… esp if I was trained. Loved the boxing cat, also!

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