When Stars Collide Over Warrenville

As I’ve mentioned, I read the suburban Chicago newspaper online.  Today a headline about the town where I grew up caught my eye – a kid filmed a short little youtube.com movie in Warrenville, Illinois.  I couldn’t care less about the battle between fans of Star Wars and Star Trek, but I know there are some tangents.org readers who are fans of one or both of the franchises – thought they might enjoy this little video.  It’s a creative idea, really – what would happen if the introductory words at the beginning of the Star Wars movies fell to Earth?  For its small budget (around $100) and the small amount of time invested, the special effects aren’t bad either…

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If you’d like more info about the kid or the video, here is a link to the original article.

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4 Responses to “When Stars Collide Over Warrenville”

  1. derek Says:

    Hilarious! I saw from one of the youtube comments where you learned of this video, so I had to go out to my driveway and retrieve the paper…

    Oh, your final link doesn’t work, BTW. I would guess that it is supposed to go to the Daily Herald article.

  2. taylhis Says:

    @derek – thanks for the heads up – link should be fixed now.

  3. derek Says:

    Indeed it does.

  4. derek Says:

    I mean, “indeed it is.” For some reason your words changed themselves in my head to “link should work now.” Oops.

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