Just Too Scary…

My son is newly 2 years old, and he has a favorite movie:  Monster House.  He asks for it by name, and he just loves it – even if some parts are so scary that he has to watch it from behind his hands:

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3 Responses to “Just Too Scary…”

  1. Mysmichelle Says:

    Awww……that’s how I watch scary movies too!! Hope you’re having a great summer

  2. Taylhis Says:

    I’m having a great summer, Mysmichelle, hope you are too! How is the flood cleanup coming along in Nashville? If it’s been anywhere near as hot as it’s been here in NW Ohio, then some of that heat probably soaked up the flood waters by now… here’s hoping!

  3. jamiahsh Says:

    Well. at least he is in the right family 😉 But he is so adorable.

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