Next On Dancing With The Stars…

One of those rare amusing email forwards caught my eye, so I’ll share.  Besides, my last post was kind of a downer; here’s something funny to counteract it:

Next Season on Dancing With The Stars:

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3 Responses to “Next On Dancing With The Stars…”

  1. jamiahsh Says:

    LOL! The irony of this is that Bristol is one of the twelve celebrity dancer. As well as the Hoff, and “Carol Brady” herself. Still won’t watch.

  2. derek Says:

    Heh. I didn’t comment before because my interest in the show falls just above watching the weeds grow in the backyard, but this time I took a closer look at that photo. 😀

  3. Taylhis Says:

    That’s funny Derek, I’m glad you gave it a second look – though I am curious about what prompted the second look… oh maybe jamiahsh’s comment, that makes sense.
    I don’t watch the show either, I just thought it was a funny picture that was well edited.

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