Random Destructon

was n te mddle of wrtng a blog post on my laptop wen my keyboard’s buttons started fallng off.  You migt be able to guess te letters tat ‘m now mssng, and t’s really ard to type lke ts.   ope to get t fxed ASAP, ten   wll blog more.  Computers, ug .

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5 Responses to “Random Destructon”

  1. jamiahsh Says:

    Hope your HI gets fixed soon 😉

  2. derek Says:

    I lk frward t it. I hpe it is sn.

    The ther brken key I wuld like t mimic is . 😀

    Until later then!

  3. Taylhis Says:

    The creative input was amusing – thanks! I have a new portable keyboard now that I have to get used to using – my hands keep going to my laptop keyboard instinctively. You can’t tell by the sentences I was writing, but the other 2 letters I was missing was “c” (had a replacement key for that one though) and “j”.

  4. Jamiahsh Says:

    Good thing you weren’t trying to type my name 😉

  5. derek Says:

    @Taylhis: You know, your comment just made me think of this Monty Python sketch

    @Jamaihsh: Yes, that would sound a bit *ahem- Lumberjack sketch* without that letter, wouldn’t it… 😀

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