Have No Fear, Polyp Man Is Here!

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You heard read me right – I did say Polyp Man.  Found this amusing picture in the newspaper the other day and I couldn’t resist posting it:


It’s a little goofy, but hey, whatever works to raise awareness to help people detect and combat colon cancer.  If Polyp Man saves lives, more power to him.  I do have a little sympathy for the guy in the Polyp Man suit though; he looks like he feels ridiculous.  Is being Polyp Man a resumé builder I wonder?


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My husband and I are worried sick.  It started about a week ago, when he began experiencing a terrible stomach ache.  In the past week, we’ve been to the ER and several doctors, and they’ve run various tests, but we haven’t gotten any results back yet, in part because it’s a darn holiday weekend.  So meanwhile, we are both worried SICK, which is an understatement.  The internet is acting as both a blessing and a curse, with us obsessing over his symptoms and making ourselves crazy with thoughts of one horrible diagnosis (mainly involving colon cancer) after another.  So I’m writing this quick post as a way of hopefully using the internet as a blessing rather than a curse and putting out this call for prayer.  Please, please pray for our family that my husband’s illness is nothing serious, and that we will be able to find the cause and the cure in a timely fashion.  We have 4 little children, and it’s been really difficult to function as a family with one of us sick and both of us so worried and terrified.  It’s probably nothing, but I thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.