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With the exception of Thinner, I’ve liked most of the Stephen King movies I’ve seen.  My favorite is Storm of the Century, a Prime-Time Emmy Award winning made-for-tv mini-series that aired in 1999.  Every winter when a big blizzard is predicted in our corner of Ohio, we plan on being snowed in watching our Storm of the Century dvd.  It never happens though; I think it has to do with trying to watch a 240 minute movie that’s not for kids when we have 4 of them.  But anyway, if we ever get time to watch Storm of the Century in the near future, I’ll definitely blog more about it – it’s awesome!

One of Stephen King’s lesser known films, Sleepwalkers, is a movie I saw as a teenager.  I liked it back then, so when I happened to see the dvd on the library’s shelf the other day, that’s what I quickly picked up since I was in a hurry.  My husband and I watched it the other night, and we both had the same opinion.  A fun little horror film, nothing great but still entertaining.  It is Stephen King-creepy, as only he can do, and much of the movie’s creepiness has to do with the mother-son relationship; I won’t go into detail except to say that it’s extremely disturbing.  Brian Krause and Alice Krige play the mother and son monsters who need to feed on a human virgin in order to survive.  They morph into strange cat-like creatures, which is even more strange because cats are drawn to their house, yet deadly to the monsters at the same time.  The special effects are extremely cheesy by today’s standards and even laughable, but sometimes I’m a sucker for that kind of thing and really enjoy bad special effects – my favorite example of this is Jaws 3-D.

While we’re on the subject of Stephen King, as I mentioned, I like most of his movies that I’ve seen.  I tried to read the book Carrie a really long time ago, but I found it hard to follow, either because I was a teen or because of the religious ramblings inserted throughout the book which were done in such a way that it’s hard to follow because it’s depicting Carrie’s mother’s craziness.  But anyway, Stephen King is very talented, of course.  He has a gift of making movies extremely creepy without stooping as low as many of today’s horror movies do with the constant blood and gore.

An interesting event took place in his life that almost reads like one of his novels, well, actually it does since he wrote about it.  On June 19, 1999, his life was changed forever when he was hit by a car while walking down a Maine road.  There are two creepy coincidences about this incident.  First, earlier that year, King had finished most of From a Buick 8, a novel in which a character dies after getting struck by a car.  Second, the driver of the car, Bryan Smith, who was only 43, was found dead in his trailer just over a year later of an accidental overdose.  He was found dead on Stephen King’s birthday, September 21.  The accident was inspiration for the Dark Tower series of books, and King is in talks with Lost co-creator J.J. Abrams to do an adaption of the series.  Since I’m a fan of Lost and Stephen King, that might be something I’ll have to check out.  Until then, I’ll probably be planning another snowy viewing of Storm of the Century this winter that won’t come to fruition.

LOST Episode 3/6/08

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My blog title is just about as creative as last night’s episode – not one of our favorites.  Let’s start by referring you to the blog.  Thank goodness our regular writer is back.  Not only does she give a complete synopsis of the episodes, she likes to make it interactive by posing interesting questions to the viewers:

And, as a bonus this week, had a really interesting Q & A with some of the Lost cast members.  It wasn’t just interview-type questions either; it was cast members asking the producers questions about what’s going to happen in the show.  I think I learned more from this Q & A than from last night’s episode!  Check it out here:

Keep in mind that since this is a synopsis of last night’s episode, there will be SPOILERS ahead, so don’t read if you don’t want to know what happened!

When the episode opened last night, we see Juliet in makeup, which tells us this is either a flash-forward or a flash-back.  My first thought (and likewise with the tv guide blogger it turns out) is that it’s a flash-forward and Juliet is one of the ‘Oceanic 6’.  We soon find out that this is not the case; it’s actually a flash-back, and BOOM – here are 2 new characters for us all of a sudden, Harper and her husband, Griffin.  Later in the episode, we find out that Griffin has met his demise already, so at least we only have Harper as a new character to contend with.  I don’t know about everybody else, but I don’t remember Griffin from previous episodes.  They showed him when the Others saw Oceanic 815 fall from the sky, and the tv guide blog mentioned him interacting with Ana Lucia, but I personally don’t remember him.  If I wasn’t worried about being reminded of a thousand loose ends that haven’t been tied up, I would go back and watch the episodes with Griffin in them.  And speaking of Ana Lucia, her name has come up a lot lately for someone who has been dead for awhile.  During the preview for next week’s episode, they mentioned that we will “see a face you never thought you’d see again.”  Please, please do not let it be Ana Lucia!  Luckily, I think Michelle Rodriguez was too much of a liability for the show to ever resurrect her character – I hope.  Didn’t like Michelle Rodriguez (couldn’t she afford a taxi or better yet, to not get drunk at the Lost party rather than drive home?  She ruined her up-and-coming career – what a moron), and I didn’t like Ana Lucia one bit.  And speaking of coming back, tonight’s episode marked the reappearance of the eerie whispering in the forest, along with the numbers (there was a safe on the wall behind a painting, how corny, but the combination to the safe was some of the numbers that played such a major part in seasons 1 and 2 – haven’t seen them much since).  The eerie whispering and the numbers are two things I really hope they will explain someday…  And speaking of questions, here are my questions after watching tonight’s episode:

1.  Locke says to Ben, “There is just one more thing I want to know.”  WHAT?  There is really only ONE more thing Locke wants to know from Ben?  I would have a million questions for that guy!

2.  Why does Ben say something about kids asking for their mother?  Are the Zach and Emma he is referring to HIS kids?

3.  Do Farraday and Juliet know each other?  In tonight’s episode they seemed to, but before this, they didn’t.

Also tonight, there were 2 interesting quotes which I will leave you with:

1.  Ben pulls a video tape labeled Red Sox out of the safe, and says, “I taped over the game.”  I found it kind of cheesy, but my husband thought it was funny.  Cheesy or not, it was pretty funny to hear Ben say that in that calculatingly evil tone of his.

2.  Juliet says, “It was very stressful being an Other, Jack.”  I guess you had to see it, but it was a very entertaining and intriguing line, hearing it after all we’ve been through, especially when the Others were so mysterious for so long.  The tvguide blog mentioned this line too; it was very noteworthy.

I was disappointed after this week’s episode because again, there are more new characters and less answers than ever.  The cast Q & A they had on helped to cheer me up a little though; it gave me hope that the producers and writers do have some idea of where they’re taking this show because I do have my doubts that they know what they’re doing or where they’re going.  I just hope next week’s episode is better.

Too Many Questions… LOST All the Answers? AYE!

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Here is my own review of the Thursday, February 29 episode of Lost:

To sum it up quickly, see title of post.  This show is intriguing, yet if they don’t start answering questions soon…  I don’t know what I’ll do.  I’d still watch it, but only to get answers to the thousands of questions the writers have put out there over the years…  That is, if I can actually remember all the questions…  there are literally hundreds of loose ends, with at least 5-10 new plot twists and story lines opening EACH WEEK!  Stop it already!  I am a busy person with a terrible memory!  Now that that is out of the way…  on to the actual synopsis of the latest Lost episode.


First, let me refer you to the Lost blog – they do a great job and I really recommend reading their blog every Friday after the show airs.  Although I must say that the person filling in this week is not nearly as insightful and clever as the person who normally writes the blog, so if you don’t like it, I would suggest reading it another week when the regular writer is back:

This episode actually opened with the answer to a question!  Albeit, it was a question only raised last episode, but still a step in the right direction – Sayid and Desmond are alive!  But, immediately following this revelation, we were introduced to 2 MORE CHARACTERS – Omar and Kearney – and YET ANOTHER plot twist – time travel!  I have to admit, the time travel aspect was interesting, if not confusing, but at least they answered some of the questions they raised about it this episode – they tell us what year Desmond is traveling back to (1996) and why he is time-traveling (exposure to radiation).  Unfortunately for Desmond, others who have traveled thru time in the show met an unfortunate demise – RIP Eloise and  George Minkowski, Desmond’s roommate on the ship.  Of course we will have to wait and see what Desmond’s fate will be, as that is yet another unanswered question at this point.  But Thursday’s episode was remarkable in that it showed (fast-forwards NOT INCLUDED!) the FIRST time any of the island-dwelling characters have gotten off the island!  Way to go Sayid and Desmond!  Unless, of course, the ship is a bad place to be – we don’t know what the ship is yet because that is an UNANSWERED QUESTION!

As always, we had some time for a bit of subtle comic relief this episode, such as the moment when Penny’s father said “Walk with me.”  to Desmond so they could have a chat, but then the scene cuts away, and he is in a urinal – it’s no secret how he feels about Desmond!

The tvguide blog likes to pose some questions to viewers at the end, so here they are with my answers in CAPS.  Since this week’s blog was written by a replacement writer, the questions are not nearly as thought-provoking, witty, or well-written as they usually are:

1. Was Penny expecting Desmond’s call? It wasn’t clear if Present Penny remembered Past Des’ promise.  TO ME IT WAS CLEAR SHE REMEMBERED HIS PROMISE!  SO SHE HAS BEEN LOOKING FOR HIM FOR 3 YEARS EVEN THOUGH SHE DIDN’T REMEMBER HIS PROMISE – UNLIKELY!

2. Why would Faraday need a “constant”?  MAYBE HE WAS JUST PARANOID AND WANTED ONE IN CASE – I WOULD!

3. Does Miles still have that grenade in his gob?  WHO CARES – MILES WAS AN A-HOLE!


5. Where was Ms. Hawking? I missed her.  WHO IS MS. HAWKING?

Now that that’s out of the way, here are the questions I have about this episode:

1.  How does Desmond know what Daniel looks like in 1996 at Oxford?

2.  How come Penny doesn’t look any different between 1996 and 2004 – what is her secret?

3.  If Penny was so fed up with Desmond, why was she looking for him for 3 yrs. (since 2001),  even though he said he wasn’t going to call her until 2004?

If you are an avid watcher of the show, give me some feedback!  Let’s pick our brains and come up with some insights and possible answers to all these questions!  They have said that they have put the show on a timeline – meaning, they know when they want it to end, so they are writing it so that ALL (so they say, yeah right) questions will be answered by the time the show is finished.  My husband thinks maybe what the show is about is that the island is pergatory, and that when someone dies on the island, they are going to Heaven if they’ve passed their test, or ahem, the other place if they haven’t.  It had certainly seemed this way at times, and this is a good theory, but I don’t think it’s going to be that biblical in the end.  Especially after this last episode, I’m starting to think the island is about time travel…  maybe it will turn out the Oceanic survivors were only missing for a matter of hours or days…  all we can do at this point is hang on tight and wait and see!

What do YOU think?!?